Tips & Advice

Fall is the time to give your landscape a good clean up. In fact, cleaning up well at this time of the year will help prevent disease and insect problems next year since many pests spend the winter sheltering in old leaves and debris left from the previous season. Cleaning up will help remove pests from your landscape and prevent, or at least delay, their onset next season. If there are plants in your landscape that have had disease or insect problems this year, carefully clean up their fallen leaves and debris and remove it from your yard. Leaves that fall from healthy plants can be used as mulch or collected and composted.

Fall is also a great to time to plant trees, shrubs, and perennials.

Some perennials can grow to the size of a large shrub if not trimmed.

Few annuals can survive the winter and re-bloom in the their blooming season- these are bi-annuals